It’s that “most wonderful time of year” again! Thanksgiving is around the corner (after which most of us will begin frantically shopping), soon to be followed by Christmas and New Year’s Day. We can think of a number of ways that our awesome party bus or any of our beautiful limousines could bring you some extra holiday cheer!


  • Over the river and through the woods! If Grandmother’s house is a pain to get to, why not send a car to get Grandmother and bring her to you? Let her take a break from cooking, this year. Give her a thrill by having a gorgeous limo pick her up for a stylish ride. Or, if nothing but Grandma’s turkey and dressing will do, have your whole clan pile in for a fun ride to the family gathering.
  • Forget fighting for parking on Black Friday! We know you have your shopping strategy planned already, so why not join forces with your friends, sisters, in-laws, or neighbors and hire a beautiful vehicle to drop you right at the door of your favorite stores? Eight or ten of you can ride together and skip the stress of circling the mall parking lot and fighting for a space. Concentrate on nabbing those bargains instead! Additionally, this is a SAFE option for those at risk of being robbed in a parking lot. Robbers know you’re carrying money and expensive gifts, so thwart their plans by being dropped off and picked up at the door. What a memorable way to ring in the season!
  • Make the office party actually FUN for a change! So your group is too big to hold your Christmas party at someone’s home, yet not big enough to rent an entire facility. Restaurants are fine and we all enjoy a nice meal, but a restaurant can be a little stiff, with everyone sitting at a long table, chitchatting quietly. BORING! Here’s an idea: have our amazing Eagle One party bus pick up the whole staff at quitting time on Friday to transport them to the place (or places!) of your choice. Get the party atmosphere going before you even arrive at your destination. It is MORE AFFORDABLE than you think!
  • St. Augustine Nights of Lights. This is a beautiful breathtaking holiday event, but have you ever stood in line for HOURS to ride what by then becomes the not-so-jolly trolley? Our vehicles can give you the same tour without the line.
  • Party safely on New Year’s Eve. How many times have you sat at home on New Year’s Eve because you decided it was wiser to “avoid the drunks” on the road; or more importantly, because you didn’t wish to be one of them! This is responsible thinking, but guess what, you can have fun without having to drive! Get your friends together and reserve a limo or the party bus, and our 100% sober professional drivers will safely transport you to the party, club, or event of your choice. It’s far less expensive than a wreck or a DUI, plus you’ll have an incredibly fun time instead of yawning on your sofa!


Just remember, a large number of people will want to jump on these ideas, so call us TODAY to explore your options and make a reservation if you so desire. Call us at 904-608-1915 or visit http://www.FlyingEaglesLimo.com!




Celebrities and millionaires might cruise around in limos on an everyday basis, but not many regular folks have that opportunity. Consequently, we tend to think of hiring a limo as being on the same level with drinking champagne and eating caviar. Most all of us have these myths in our minds:

  • Limos are terribly expensive
  • Limos should only be considered on super special occasions
  • I never consider a limo for my transportation needs
  • Limos are just for fun
  • Limos are not for people like me

These ideas are all FALSE!


While a limo is definitely fun and is certainly appropriate for special occasions, that’s not all they are good for. And another thing—suppose you’ve been missing out all these years because you ASSUME they are much more expensive than they really are? Why don’t you give Flying Eagles a call at 904-608-1915 and let us tell you the great deals we can offer you?

Believe us: we would not stay in business if all we did was chauffeur teenagers to the prom. There are many other times when a limo is a great and sensible choice, so don’t miss out just because you never investigate the details. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you ever need to get a group of people to the same location at once? Rather than every person paying for their own gas and parking fees, might it be just as economical to ride together? Additionally, you’d be able to use the travel time for socializing or talking business.
  • Jacksonville is a big city and you may be totally unfamiliar with some areas you occasionally need to get to. Might it be helpful to you and cause you less anxiety to have someone else drive?
  • Do you ever go to the airport? Do you pay a large fee to let your car sit in their parking lot while you’re out of town? Wouldn’t it make just as much sense to hire a limo and leave your car securely in your own garage?
  • Perhaps you choose to drive a cool sports car, or maybe you’re the frugal sort who will drive an old beater until the wheels fall off. That’s fine for you, but do you ever need a vehicle that’s just a bit more dignified or in better condition than your own?

For these and so many other reasons, a limo can be a great choice for a regular person just like yourself! Visit us at www.FlyingEagleslimo.com to learn all the ways we can assist you.