So your friend is getting married and you’re in charge of organizing the Jacksonville bachelorette party! Whether your bestie the bride has spent months planning a lavish wedding, or she and her intended are going over to the courthouse on their lunch hour, you have an opportunity to make her bachelorette party something very special that she will appreciate and always remember.


Check out the following ways that having a limousine drive you to your Jacksonville bachelorette party will transport your girls’ night out from “boring and lame” to “wedding hall of fame!”


  • Start with excitement. The first fifteen minutes of any gathering can set the tone for the night. So do you really want to start out with one carload of friends getting lost, the other being late because they had to stop for gas? Skip that and just set a designated time to have your girlfriends picked up by a sleek limo! Strutting down the walkway in your best party outfit while the neighbors peek out their windows for a glimpse puts the sass in every bridesmaid’s step. The fun will start before you ever leave your driveway.
  • Nobody has to be the designated driver. Naturally you want all your friends to get home safely, but it’s kind of a disappointment to be the person who has to remain sober as a judge while everyone else is enjoying cocktails. When you arrange for one of Flying Eagles’ beautiful limousines to transport you, you can navigate Jacksonville, FL safely and still be in on all the fun.
  • You’ll look so good on social media. Pics of Ashley and Emily climbing out of the backseat of Jessica’s ’05 Volkswagen are just not in the same league with pictures of long tanned legs and pretty feet in high-heeled sandals stepping out of a stretch limo. How do you expect to make the haters jealous of you if you don’t look as awesome as possible? Spring for the limo, girl.
  • “Jacksonville bachelorette party – ruined by rain.” Don’t let that be the summary of this night you’re in charge of. As you are surely aware, it rains at the drop of a hat around here, and nobody wants their cute clothes and fancy hairstyles to get caught in the downpour. Don’t force your girls to trudge through some parking lot in the middle of a monsoon. You know how they’ll complain.
  • Safety in numbers. Let’s face it: weddings can be emotionally difficult for our single or divorced friends. Let an unhappy girl down a few too many shots and she can become dangerously susceptible to an offer of a ride home from the flirty guy at the bar who may have evil intentions. Take care of your friends. Make a pact before the party begins: we all go in the limo and we all come home in the limo.

Surely you are convinced by now that a safe, beautiful, and affordable limo is the way to go. Contact Flying Eagles Limo today, and your Jacksonville bachelorette party will be a blast!


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